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Hill Air Force Base is a US Force Facility on the border between Davis and Weber County. It borders the towns of Clearfield, Sunset, Layton and Roy.

The base was established as the Ogden Air Depot by the United States Army in 1939 and upgraded to a full Air Force Base in 1948 - a year after the creation of the United States Air Force.

The base is named for Test Pilot Ployer Peter Hill who died in 1935 while testing a prototype for the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber in Dayton, Ohio.

The base served as supply depot, training and repair facility during World War II employing 22,000 people.

The base became a popular location for long term storage of planes after the war. In 1981, the Air Force established the Hill Aerospace Museum which sits on Air Force ground in Roy, Utah.

Hill Air Force Base is home to The 75th Air Base Wing, the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings, the 84th Combat Sustainment Wing, the 309th Maintenance Wing, the 508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing, 84th Combat Sustainment Wing, 309th Maintenance Wing, 508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing, 526th ICBM Systems Wing and The Ogden Air Logistics Complex.


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