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Centerville, Utah is a city located in central Davis County Davis County halfway between Farmington and Bountiful.

The area was first known as the Deuel Settlement, then as Cherry Creek, after the Cherry Family. People settled on the name Centerville in 1850.

In researching the name, I was surprised to find that Centerville is a common name. The disambiguation page of Wikipedia lists 38 communities in the United States with variations of the name Centerville. This was not uncommon because towns tend to be a good days walk from each other.

Early settlers included Thomas Grover (July 22, 1807 – February 20, 1886) who moved into the area in 1847. Grover had been a member of the Navou Legion. His obituary said Grover was survived by four wives and 26 children. Some of his wives and children died before him. The total count must be higher.

The 2010 census reported a population of 15,335. The 2015 population estimate was 16,877.


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