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North Salt Lake is a city in Southern reaches of Davis County on the I15 corridor just North of the metropolis of Salt Lake City.

For decades the area was a prime location for heavy industries like oil refineries and gravel pits that liked being near a big city, but not actually in the city.

As late as the 1950s the make up of the area involved businesses lining US 89 (an extension of State Street) and only a few houses on the hills overlooking the area. The 1950 population was just 255.

The population soared as infilling along Wasatch Front ramped up. The 2010 census reported a population of 16,322 and estimates in 2017 put the population around 20,000.

The influx of new housing puts the new neighborhoods in North Salt Lake and Woods Cross in conflict with the heavy industry.

The area of North Salt Lake and Woods Cross evolved for several decades as a prime spot for heavy industries like oil refineries that liked


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