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Ad Targets

I invite sites from the local community to order ads. The rate is $25.00 for 100,000 pages views. This page shows the ad targets and number of hits they've received on this site. There may be more than one ad per target. The link goes to the ad destination which is often an affiliate link. The mysterious "Y" column indicates if the ad is still assigned to the target.

I deleted the hit database at noon at 4/15/2017 as I had made some major changes to the assigned ads.

Target Hits
TargetYAd NameStartEndIPsViewsHits
ApartmentsNx Featured Rentals8/26/20183/19/2019781507
. . .YImprint3/22/20194/21/201915181
ArtsYart - Mr Art8/26/20184/21/2019841718
Auto DealersYCar Remotes8/25/20184/24/20199532910
Blogs/SocietyYWise Food Storage8/25/20184/24/201932814568
. . .Yoverstock8/25/20184/24/201932914127
BooksYBarnes and Noble8/26/20184/16/2019871686
CostumesYHalloween Express8/25/20184/23/2019811666
. . .YSkull Candy8/25/20184/24/20192075339
FinanceYintuit - gopayment8/27/20184/22/20191262736
. . .Nx Bloomberg Business Week8/27/201810/20/201822363
FoodYBlender Bottle8/26/20184/23/20191032024
GeneralYWise Food Storage8/25/20184/25/201944238764
. . .Yoverstock8/25/20184/25/201942837547
HistoryYTuttle Twins8/26/20184/24/20191329616
InternetNChristy Furniture3/26/20194/20/2019881
. . .Nx Linux Foundation8/25/20183/10/201964977
. . .Nx VPS Servers10/30/201811/8/201822
KidsYanimal jam8/25/20184/17/201956857
. . .YTuttle Twins8/26/20184/25/201961962
PhotographyNChristy Furniture8/25/20184/21/20198542410
TechnologyNChristy Furniture3/24/20194/24/201917271
. . .Nx Linux Foundation8/25/20183/20/20191193605